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Flexible Drawdown

If you have over £12,000 pa in retirement income - this can be made up from Final Salary, Annuity and State Pension money - you have the option to take any other pension pots as a taxable lump sum.

The Pension Adviser offers a Fixed Cost service for the withdrawal of Pension funds via Flexible Drawdown - meaning you don't pay a penny more than you have to for Flexible Drawdown. The fee can be taken from the pension pot, which is a very cost effective way to pay as you are not making the payment from taxed income.

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Flexible Drawdown in action:-

Martin is 65 and has a Final Salary pension income of £13,000 per annum. He has a personal pension pot valued at £70,000.

Martin chooses Flexible Drawdown as he feels the returns from annuities are poor and unlikely to improve.

Martin takes his tax free cash of £17,500.

The residual fund of £52,500 goes into flexible drawdown.

Martin can take up to £28,865 this year and only pay basic rate tax which he decides to do. This yields a net payment of £23,092.

Total received in year 1 = £40,592

The next year the remaining £23,635 is within Martin's basic rate tax allowance so he can take the full amount out. The second payment closes the account and the net payment received is £18,908.

Martin has paid basic rate tax on his withdrawals (as he would have if he had taken an annuity) and received a total net income of £59,500 of the original £70,000.

There are several rules relating to Flexible Drawdown which have to be met and are detailed below.